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Office of Community Engagement

The Office of Community Engagement (OCE) was established in 2021 to reflect the existing and aspirational offerings of the PCI unit funded by Educational Talent Search. While continuing to house SDSU Talent Search as its flagship program, OCE has expanded its scope to include several other distinct offerings.

OCE's primary focus is to work with youth and young adults, connecting them to higher education and early work experiences. The office provides person-centered services for students and their families in the areas of post-secondary planning, leadership, personal growth, and educational and economic attainment.

Furthermore, OCE invests in developing reciprocal relationships with school leaders, university faculty and administration, local representatives, and community-based organizations. By leveraging our collective expertise, we aim to positively contribute to educational and economic equity in the region.

group of students in front of Hepner Hall
group of previous generation students in front of Hepner Hall
Holding Community Close Over the Years

Serving San Diego County

Our office partners with educators, parents, and community organizations to support students achieve their dreams.


Nada Stevens

Message from the Director

This office is committed to providing high-quality, comprehensive support to our students and their families. I look forward to my continued work with school leaders, university faculty and administration, and community-based organizations to leverage our collective expertise and further our shared mission of empowering and strengthening our schools and communities.

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Kyra Gayle is our peer lead coach and advisor at Talent Search.


"Any goals you have you can achieve, and any challenges you face you can overcome. Stay focused, remain motivated, get involved, and never hesitate to utilize your resources as you level up in your academic achievements and experiences. I look forward to working with you all and by being the best help to contributing to your success of becoming a college student, and achieving academic success! Get ready to soar and shine bright!" 

Kyra Gayle serves students at the Lincoln and Crawford High Schools. 

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Gerardo Chagolla is our family coordinator and advisor for the Talent Search Program.

Gerardo Chagolla

" Be not afraid of growing slowly, be afraid of standing still"- Chinese proverb.

"As a program, we will be along to provide support for your individual journey, whatever it may be. With everything ahead, reach out to us so we can continue supporting your path and growth." 

Gerardo Chagolla serves students at the O'Farrel and Southwest High Schools. 

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Alexis Rodriguez is an advisor for the Talent Search Program.

Alexis Rodriguez

"I want my students to remember that your world does not close when things do not go as expected. Your timeline will not be linear and not everyone’s path will look the same.You all are capable of doing things that provide fullfillment, so long as you do the work and ask for help along the way. As your Talent Search advisor I want you to trust that I am confident in your abilities and will help guide you the best I can with your educational endeavors." 

Alexis Rodriguez serves students at the Castle Park and Montgomery High Schools. 

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Kyle Jackson is an advisor for the the Talent Search Program.

Kyle jackson

“By seizing opportunities, you generate possibilities for your future and claim agency over your life. As your Talent Search Advisor, I aim to maximize your options and increase your command over your future. I invite you to seize the opportunities Talent Search offers and encourage you to take advantage of resources that enable you to achieve your personal goals. I’m excited to collaborate with you as you move closer to the future you envision for yourself!" 

Kyle Jackson serves students at the Morse and Lincoln High Schools. 

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Chantal Allison is an advisor for the Talent Search Program.

Chantal Allison

"Success is not the same for everyone. It is as unique as you are. So learn what makes you different, diligently pursue your passions, and create the life you want to live. It all starts with a plan. I look forward to helping you solidify your pathway forward."

Chantal Allison serves students at Hoover High School. 


Making History

Over the years, we have build up our office, our programs, but most importantly our community. By collaborating with partner schools, faculty and community supporters we have been able to uphold our mission of advancing the education and resources accessible to underserved students. Click below to view some of our hallmark moments and achievements

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PCI Office of Community Engagement
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