Undergraduate Research Lab

Enhance your undergraduate journey through research

what is the undergraduate research lab?

The Undergraduate Research Lab is where all students have the opportunity to immerse themselves in academic research and experience a high-impact practice that takes their skills to the next level. Our lab provides a graduate-level experience for undergraduates, including the opportunity to present at  academic symposiums. We particularly welcome first-generation, minoritized, and transfer-undergraduates who aspire to acquire critical skills for graduate school and explore the real-life applications of interdisciplinary/cross-disciplinary research.

Why join the undergraduate researcH lab?

  • Connect with SDSU faculty researchers you admire, both internal and external, and learn how to proactively write a letter of interest to their labs
  • Develop competitive skills for graduate and professional school applications and job opportunities by building up your research experience.

  • Learn how to foster and maintain reciprocal relationships as a key to success in your academic career.

  • Get coaching and mentoring from peer mentors who have traveled a similar path or are current grad students, and see how what you learn in our seminars and workshops is truly useful in the field of research.

  • Expand your worldview and ignite a passion for new research methods that could even help you grow in your career choices.

  • Collaborate with others to contribute to research gaps and make an impact in your community.
  • Gain practical steps towards participating in the SDSU Annual Student Research Symposium through our lab.

  • Join us for a timeline of workshops that will teach you valuable skills and techniques.

We Aspire to Inspire

F-SMP scholars dedicate themselves to their projects throughout the academic year, and we are proud to see them present their work to the SDSU community. The Health Careers Opportunity Program (HCOP’s) Summer Undergraduate Research Scholars Program provides financial and academic support for low-income, first-generation, culturally diverse college students as they prepare for post-secondary education in health-related fields.