Summer Academy

Earn High School Credit, Get Paid, Create Lasting Memories

🌞 The Power of Being You: Ignite Your Potential, Make Waves! 🌊

Calling all our currently enrolled UB/HCOP high school students ready to embark on an incredible journey of self-discovery and growth! Our Summer Academy will equip you with the tools, experiences, and friendships that will propel you towards a bright future. Space is limited, so register now by contacting your designated UB/HCOP counselor or Administrative Coordinator (Diana Cortes). Take a glimpse of our upcoming activities at our Summer Academy 2023:

During our Spirit Week, we celebrate the diverse talents and strengths that make each of us extraordinary. From showcasing your artistic abilities to demonstrating leadership qualities, this is your chance to embrace who you truly are and let your individuality shine. Join us for a week of self-expression, self-belief, and a whole lot of fun!

Step out of your comfort zone and venture into our surrounding communities with our captivating field trips. Explore fascinating places, engage with different cultures, and broaden your perspective. Discover the power of curiosity and the endless possibilities that await when you open your mind to new experiences.

Unleash your competitive side and channel your passion into friendly competitions during our Olympiads. Discover the power of determination, team building, and the rewards that come with hard work and perseverance.

Join us for the Awards Banquet, a special occasion to celebrate The Power of Being You. Enjoy a delicious meal and share stories with family and friends as you reflect on your personal growth. This is an opportunity to acknowledge your progress and the transformations you've undergone.

This Summer

Join us as we dive into a Summer Academy experience that will empower you to make waves in your own unique way. Get ready to #makewaves as we dive into a transformative journey of self-discovery, personal growth, and embracing your individuality. With this year's theme, "The Power of Being You," we want to inspire you to embrace your quirks, talents, and interests, fostering an environment that values diversity and inclusivity.

Through Summer Academy I learned about myself and gained new skills I can apply to the real world and school.
Upward Bound/HCOP Student, '22
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