Your participation in SDSU Pre-College Institute programs is one of many achievements in your personal and professional journey! We want to continue offering resources and connections to further your success and hear about your experience.

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Our programs offer different volunteering opportunities throughout the year! Whether it is a one-day event, campus tour, or summer program, you can fulfill your community service hours and learn about college advising and TRIO programs with PCI. Check with each program to learn about upcoming events where you can volunteer and give back to our communities:


Another way to get involved is to work for our programs! Visit the SDSU Research Foundation ICIMS page and search the following keywords to find employment opportunities:

Pre-College Institute, Upward Bound, HCOP, Talent Search, Office of Community Engagement

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We want to highlight your accomplishments and aspirations as well as your involvement in PCI programs. Your student experience can inspire and motive future generations of students!

Fabian Escobedo
Talent search helped increase my leadership skills as a student by providing me with opportunities to get involved. It helped me feel grateful of where I come from, my roots as a low-income, first-generation Latino student, and confidence of where I was heading in life. Today, I am economically, mentally, and emotionally independent and I am able to give back to the community that saw me grow, always with a seed of gratitude in my heart for Talent Search and those important mentors in my life.
Fabian Escobedo '21
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